Special equipment according to customer requirements. Equipment for threading, handling pieces, automatic measurement solely or within lines - measurements for evaluation of machined surfaces with subsequent corrections on the machining programme, measurements before machining to identify the dimensions of the piece and the machine settings accordingly; measurement of outer diameters of threads and control of pitch after rolling; evaluation using contact surfaces or electronic 2D micrometers; non-destructive crack detection or eddy current hardening check. Equipment for testing the quality and durability of products according to customer requirements. For example, a device for verifying the load-bearing capacity of ball joints. We also offer design, creation and delivery of complete drawing documentation like designing of drives using a Pelton turbine, shading of buildings with blinds and more. We offer own system of connecting up to five aluminum profiles at any angle, patent protected in the Czech Republic and the European Union. For more information about our aluminium profile joint, visit our site here  (in czech language).

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